Short Documentaries

Truth is stranger than fiction and history offers us stories to weave through the lens of today. Historical documentaries are odd. Some are compelling, but more often than not, they can be tedious, drawn out affairs, reducing interesting events to a handful of dull facts and voice overs.

When assigned to create our own historical documentaries, we not only asked ourselves, “What are interesting subjects?” but, “What are engaging ways to show them?” Our groups researched topics of their choice, interviewed experts in their field, and then built their films on the material they found.

These films have anything from dramatic re-enactments to interviews, but they have one thing in common — they all strive to tell an engaging story while informing the viewer.

Hollywood Pre-Code
Solar Transformation
Children Lost: Children Gained
The Darkest Sunday
Secret Subway
Project MKUltra
VJ Day Kiss