View It From Afar

A poem about the world’s natural beauty and how one should view it.

To appreciate planet Earth
start with its snow capped mountains,
where sunbeams morph crystals of ice
into gems of glistening light.

Witness clouds traverse its skies,
floating on a vista of blue,
or a setting sun smear scarlet
onto puffs of marshmallow white.

See jungles at its equator,
create a sash of vibrant green,
and burnt sands ripple its deserts
with shifting dunes of tans and creams.

See its leafy forests change from
deciduous to evergreen,
and tundra pitted with blue lakes
fade to stretches of virgin snow.

Watch volcanoes erupt in flame
spewing plumes of ebony smoke,
and lava bleed from gaping wounds
while giving birth to molten earth.

See azure and aquamarine
waves, crested with white foamy froth,
or tilted poles capped in ice
sparkling like crystalline jewels.

View it from afar, as it spins
in the vacuum of space, like
a phantasmagorical
glossy cerulean marble.


Abby Floyd
Dominique Duro
Cameron Murrell-Byrd
Emma  Munoz-McCue
Nicolas Epstein