Vote Yes on Prop 7

Proposition 7 is a proposition to allow the California State Legislature to repeal the Daylight Savings Time Act, a ballot measure from 1949 which instituted the dipterous Daylight Savings time change. The goal of the proposal is to allow the California State Legislature to change California to have year-long Daylight Time, which would mean California would have the same time it has Spring-Fall year round. A switch to year long Daylight Time would save California approximately $65 million each year in energy costs. In addition to the money saved by energy costs, eliminating the twice annual time change would put an end to the work and lives lost due to the decrease in productivity and the increased rates of heart attacks, strokes, depression, and crime following the time change. Vote yes on Prop 7 and save lives.

Group: Sam Knight, Philip Cardillo, Charlotte Horton, and Sophia Kepelian